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  • Learn to develop your keynote presentation, and close from any stage.

  • Master both physical stages and virtual stages.

  • Engage with other speakers and learn as a community what works and what doesn't.

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Why Join the Speaker Mastery Hive?

Expert-Led Training: Learn from Marianne Hickman, a seasoned speaker and coach that has been on over 2,000 stages and has helped thousands of individuals turn their passion into a thriving business. Gain access to her wealth of knowledge, strategies, and insider tips that are proven to work.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our curriculum is designed to cover every aspect of speaking mastery. From crafting compelling stories to mastering stage presence, you'll receive structured lessons that build your skills step-by-step.

Engaging Community: Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who are on the same path. Share experiences, get feedback, and build lasting relationships with peers who are committed to growth and success.

Live Coaching Sessions: Participate in live coaching sessions where you can get personalized advice and real-time feedback from Marianne and other experts. These interactive sessions are invaluable for fine-tuning your skills and overcoming challenges.

Mastering Different Stages: Not only will you master your presence in the spotlight of an actual stage, but learn how to bring your signature presentation and public speaking skills to digital stages like podcasts, social media, and more!

Accountability and Support: Stay motivated and on track with accountability partners and support from the community. Whether you need a push to meet your goals or a sounding board for new ideas, the Hive has your back.

Proven Results: Our members have gone on to achieve incredible results, from landing high-paying speaking gigs to growing their businesses and expanding their impact. Join the ranks of successful speakers who have transformed their lives through the Hive.

Crafting Your Signature Presentation: Develop a powerful, memorable presentation that resonates with your audience and leaves a lasting impact.

Storytelling Techniques: Master the art of storytelling to engage, inspire, and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Physical and Digital Stage Presence and Delivery: Learn how to command the stage with confidence, clarity, and charisma.

Building Your Brand: Position yourself as an authority in your niche and create a brand that attracts opportunities.

Monetizing Your Message: Discover strategies for turning your speaking engagements into a profitable business.

What You'll Learn


Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your speaking skills and elevate your career. Join the Speaker Mastery Hive today and start your journey towards becoming a sought-after speaker and influencer.